Vulcano Holiday homes rentals Vulcano Aeolian Islands Italy

A list of apartments and houses for holiday rentals in Vulcano in the Aeolian Islands up to a maximum of 10 beds with the real estate agency.

On the island of Vulcano, you will find typical holiday homes and villas from simple dwellings to the most refined solutions located in exclusive island resorts.

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The island has its main town in the harbour area, where you find houses and apartments in Aeolian style with white and pastel colour surroundings; by choosing this location, you have the possibility to walk around easily to the famous Black beach, to the hot springs or even to the mud baths area.
If you love the more cooler and scenic areas, you must look for small houses and lodgings towards the hillside which offer terraces with surrounding greenery views.
If you prefer to stop in a small corner of paradise, away from all the noise and close to the sea, the town of Gelso, will offer peaceful dwellings with terraces for unforgettable sunset views.
Above all, this island is loved and appreciated by those who like to be in close contact with the nature, being able to fully enjoy the beauty by going around to various locations, reaching the top of the crater that will give you the impression of walking on another planet and the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view of the seven islands.
This island is also chosen especially by those who need mud baths and thermal treatments.
You will immediately notice when you arrive or simply walking around the streets, the smell of sulfur that comes out from the fumaroles.
This allows you to breathe the wildness of the air, typical of this island.

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Select the apartments according to the beds: