Holiday homes rentals Salina Aeolian Islands Italy

A list of apartments and houses for holiday rentals in Salina in the Aeolian Islands up to a maximum of 10 beds with the real estate agency.

The first choice for nature lovers is a house in the greenest of the seven islands of the Aeolian archipelago, Salina Island.

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Especially in the town of Santa Marina, the island’s largest tourist center, there are holiday homes well equipped with attention by their landlords with all the useful facilities for your vacation; outside these lodgings, the classic Aeolian style is characterized by the presence of gardens and terraces where you can relax sitting down watching unique views with tranquillity, drinking a good glass of local Malvasia.
The area also offers the possibility of walking around the town and to the beaches nearby.
Very typical are also the homes located in the town of Lingua, where you find suggestive porches looking out towards the sea and the nearby lake, from which the island takes its name (given by the presence in the past of the salt extraction from which was produced sea salt), which is worth a visit.
Alternatively, for those who want to be in close contact with nature and to more peaceful areas, it’s worth to considerate houses located on the hillside of the island and cooler areas.
Even though these lodgings are much more simple, they offer the opportunity to fully experience the context of this island, but it is recommended to have some kind of transportation to easily reach the nearest bathing areas and other towns of the island.

From the hillside areas, for those who love trekking and excursions in close contact with the nature, you can easily reach the Fossa delle Felci from which you can admire a wonderful natural landscape overlooking the other islands, through the various nature trails.

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Select the apartments according to the beds: