Filicudi island

Filicudi Island is one of the seven pearls of the Aeolian Islands, and was formerly called Phoenicusa because it was covered by a rich vegetation of ferns that is still present on the island.
The oval shape isle has an area of about 9,49 sq. km and is inhabited in winter by about 250 people, which are distributed in the various towns and (Filicudi Porto, Pecorini Mare and Val di Chiesa) are linked by a road with viable means of transport or through the nature trails frequented by hikers, where you can admire the rich vegetation and the wonderful colours of the Mediterranean. Other areas of the island are inhabited only in summer.
Filicudi like the other islands of the Aeolian archipelago is of volcanic origin and is characterized by the presence of the dominant Monte Fossa delle Felci (one of seven extinct volcanoes still on the Island); its crystal clear sea so loved by divers, where you admire from the sea the Cave of the Sea Ox and the Canna Stack.
We recommend a visit of the promontory of Capo Graziano where the ruins of a Neolithic village have been found, that bears witness to the important obsidian industry presence in that period; we also recommend a visit to the small museum on the port that collects the finds.

Filicudi, Aeolian Islands