Alicudi Holiday homes Rentals Alicudi Aeolian Islands Italy

A list of apartments and houses for holiday rentals in Alicudi Aeolian Islands up to a maximum of 10 beds with the real estate agency.

The housing on the island of Alicudi affect everyone not much for the care of their details, as most of these lodgings are in old buildings, partially renovated, identified for their simplicity and uniqueness.

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The exterior of these homes always reflect the Aeolian architectural style, whilst the interior reproduce the style of the old fishermen’s houses. In some of them you find, adjoining rooms, a feature of the past when the buildings were built in length and therefore, the rooms were one after the other, which nowadays provide useful and essential amenities for a pleasant holiday, returning back in time.
The island has a small town next to the small harbour, these solutions are more convenient for those who do not like to work too hard to reach the sea, because other homes are immersed in the hills of the island connected only by a steep trail that leads up at the top of the island where you can enjoy a picturesque view of the other islands. Other solutions can only be reached by boat; these offer an exclusive location to remain isolated from the rest of the world.
For those who choose an accommodation in this small but magical island, they must be aware lovers of nature and peace and looking for living a period in an unspoilt atmosphere now hard to find, getting away from hectic city life since the island does not offer roads for motor vehicles but only trails to walk by foot or by mule. There are also many who choose this type of island for scuba diving, as for the crystal clear sea, which offers the possibility to admire beautiful scenery in its depths.

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