General Terms

  1. Holiday Housing acts as intermediary on behalf of the owner/s of dwellings, whose rates are listed on our websites. Our proposals are mainly for private accommodation. Therefore, the characteristics of each dwelling will vary, quite differently, one from another. Thus, all clients are advised to be specific, according to their particular demands, when a reservation is made; requesting our operator for any explanation/elucidation of the above considerations before concluding the negotiation.
  2. Within 48 hours after our telephone/fax confirmation, the client will be required to forward by fax, to our agency, a copy of the reservation form and a 30% deposit, which will be calculated according to the total rental amount plus an additional of 30,00 euro for the booking fee. The final balance should be received 30 days prior to the client’s arrival. For reservations made prior to 30 days proceeding, the arrival of the client, the whole rental amount, plus the 30,00 euro booking fee must be forthcoming. Obviously, reservations are only considered valid after our receipt of the reservation form, by fax, accompanied by the relative amount requested. If the above considerations/payments are not met, Holiday Housing will automatically cancel the reservation because this will be read as a renunciation of the individual proposal by the client and an authorization for Holiday Housing to terminate the potential contract.
  3. Costs for water, electricity and gas are included in the rental price.
    Other services and charges not included involve bed linen, table linen and bath towels, which clients are required to bring personally.
    A 100,00 euro (300,00 euro for particular homes and villas) security deposit will be required to be made when the keys are handed over to the client by the owner or our co-worker (this amount will be reimbursed to the client following deductions to cover any eventual damage caused by the client during residency).
    Cleaning fees and house delivery charges are 25,00 euro for studio apartments; 30,00 euro for one bed room apartments, 40,00 euro for double bed room apartments and 50,00 euro for three bed room apartments (on a rising scale depending upon whether the dwelling is in a more particular area).
    Any further extras must be submitted to our office, in writing, in order that an agreement be arranged with the owner or through our agency.
  4. The number of persons occupying any dwelling/property must not exceed that declared in the reservation form. The client/s has the sole responsibility for such declarations, required to be forwarded for the Public Security Police. Dwellings usually have sufficient accessories and furnishings for the number of people indicated within the terms of arrangement outlined above. More occupants than those indicated would become a motive for a rescission of the contract without any onus/burden of reimbursement on behalf of our agency.
  5. Clients may generally check in, usually, upon a 4.00 pm arrival on a Saturday and check out before at 10.00 am departure on a Saturday (different arrangements may be worked out either directly with the owner or co-worker). All mutually acceptable variations to the above schedules need to be arranged, in advance, with the owner or co-worker.
  6. The dwellings are always made available to clients clean and in order. It is client/s sole responsibility to handle the daily cleanings for the integrity of the premises. Upon occupation, clients should be aware that they will be liable for any damage or breakage that occur during their residency, both directly or by chance that are likely to affect ordinary maintenance of the dwelling or property such as, and including, light bulbs; struck by lightening – that need replacement; bath or shower waste blockages; broken crockery; the cost of which will be deducted from the security deposit. Upon check-out, it is compulsory for the client/s to leave all kitchen facilities clean and in order, including the garbage bin and, all housing equipment must return to it’s original position. Clients who do not observe even one of these mentioned conditions, loose the right to claim security deposit reimbursement. Therefore, prior to departure, clients will be required to demonstrate that the dwelling is suitably in order. Most properties do not admit animals. Please notify of the presence of pets before confirming booking. Failure to declare the presence of animals shall give rise to immediate booking cancellation with no right to reimbursement.
  7. All genuine complaints about possible broken down facilities should be brought to the notice of the owner or co-worker by the incoming clients. The former will take all possible measures to repair such problems in the briefest possible time (according to the availability and personell in each particular locality). Such complaints should be forwarded, also, to Holiday Housing not later than a maximum of 48 hours from taking up residence. In defect of this requirement, or of our explicit authorization, such clients who abandon the house either spontaneously, or through their own initiative, will lose all rights for any possible reimbursement. Complaints made at the end of occupancy, or after the clients departure, will not be considered.
  8. All listed dwellings have been visited and checked out by our office and, consequently, our descriptions of such are both truthful and compiled in good faith. Holiday Housing takes all reasonable care to ensure the quality in both dwellings and properties offered. However, we do not assume liability for any dissatisfaction that clients may experience with such. We act solely as an agent in good faith and can not be held responsible for possible changes introduced by the owner after our visits.
  9. All cancellations, by potential clients, must be confirmed in writing.
    All booking cancellations will result (over the loss of the booking fee) in the application of the following penalties calculated upon the total projected period of residence:
    -30% of total amount of occupancy up to seven days proceeding the date of projected residence.
    -100% from the seven days proceeding and the beginning date of the projected occupancy.(However, in the event that the dwelling is re-let in the seven proceeding days of the commencement of the projected occupancy, the applied penalty will be reduced to 30%). No reimbursement, either partial or total, can be considered for those projected clients, after 24 hours of non arrival, without a written communication from the client, within that stipulated period. Holiday Housing, upon such defect by the prospective client, will be considered free from every responsibility and will return the availability of the dwelling to its respective owner. Thereupon, the client loses the right to claim either total or partial reimbursement.
    We must maintain, without exception, that once a reservation is confirmed and paid for in regard to a selected dwelling, it will not be possible to vary the terms of the reservation, including even the lapse of some little time to arrive at another available solution, not even in the event of an integrative supplement. However, it is possible to cancel a reservation (with the consequent application of the above mentioned penalties and proceed with a new reservation). Penalty will always apply to the whole reserved period and any, subsequent, annulled weekly period cannot be separated; the reference date for the calculation, in days, is always from the agreed beginning of occupancy.
  10. In the event of cancellations effected from Holiday Housing, or from the owner of the dwelling, by reason of force majeure, or other circumstances beyond our control, will result in the deposit, made by the client, being refunded partially, or totally, dependent upon the reserved period, with the exclusion of the booking fee, and/or the availability of an alternative solution with other available housing. If the client refuses an alternative booking, under the conditions described directly above, the booking fee will be automatically forfeited and, in such a case, Holiday Housing can not accept responsibility for any demands above that of money actually received from the client, initially.
  11. Italian Law will be applied in the resolution of all controversy.