Important information on the processing of personal details in accordance with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 relating to the protection of individuals and others in respect of the treatment of their personal details ( published on the Gazzetta Ufficiale on the 29th July 2003, n. 174 – 123/L)

    All personal details will be treated fairly, lawfully and transparently, in ways that protect the rights (including the right to confidentiality) of the individual concerned and will be handled exclusively for internal purposes related on the transmission of information of Holiday Housing of Felice Fonti within the limits laid down by the relevant legislation.
    The details we receive and collected are processed manually and stored in our paper archives, they are elaborated through our computer systems, on which they are together preserved to all the data and the relative declarations and reports, this both for the relationship of the present year and for the previous years. The documents will  be stored for a period of 10 years as requested by the Italian law unless, you decide to close relationship with our company or the same company closes, and in  this case, you have the right to request all paper documentation and cancellation from all our computers files, and in absence of your specific request of cancellation, your data will be object of “block” with suspension of every treatment. Such data will be considered cancelled for law prescription.
     It is compulsory for you to disclose the details requested to us.
    Communication of your personal information is essential in order to carry out the finalities identified above, failure to communicate the information, therefore, may make it impossible to establish or continue the relationship and impossibility to carry out correctly fiscal and administrative procedures,  with consequent monetary punishments, administrative sanctions, possible penalty sanctions, suspension or revocation of authorizations/ licenses, inflicted from the competent authorities; therefore, the consequences of a refusal may make it impossible to establish or continue the relationship intending exonerated the writer by every and any responsibilities.
    The personal data can be communicated to:
        • Personnel and appointees who are responsible of the treatment of data by the firm; the personnel has duly been educated in safety subject of the personal data and the right to the privacy.   
        • Credit institutes or banks for the operations of collection of the payments.
        • Accountants and book-keepers for fulfilling legal formalities as required by any civil, tax and accounting regulation.
        • Public Authorities by verifications and controls for the regularity of book-keeping and law fiscal fulfilments.
        We undertake not to disseminate your details, by which we mean that we will not allow them to be accessed in any way by unspecified parties.
        We provide the following extract from Article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/03 to remind you of the rights you can exercise in relation to our treatment of your personal details.
        Article 7 (Rights of access to personal details and other rights)
    • 1. The individual concerned has the right to request confirmation of the existence or otherwise of the personal details relating to him or her, even if the details have not been recorded, and to receive those details in intelligible form.
      • 2. The individual concerned has the right to request information on:
      • a) the origin of the personal details;
      • b) the purpose(s) of processing and the methods used;
      • c) the technology applied where the processing activities are performed using electronic equipment;
      • d) the controller and all other parties with access to the details of the individual concerned, in accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 2;
      • e) the parties (or categories) to which the personal details may be disclosed, or the parties which may have access to the details for legal reasons.
    • 3. The individual concerned has the right to request:
      • a) the updating, correction or, when in their interests, completion of the details held;
      • b) the cancellation, rendering anonymous or blocking of access to the personal details should they be processed in violation of the relevant legislation. The personal details referred to here also include any details that do not require to be stored in relation to the purposes for which they were initially collected and, subsequently, processed;
      • c) proof that those to whom the details were disclosed or disseminated have been notified of the operations described in Subsections ‘a’ and ‘b’, unless the fulfilment of this task proves impossible or would require the use of means that are clearly disproportionate to the rights being protected.
    • 4. The individual concerned has the right to oppose, fully or in part:
      • a) the processing of his or her personal details, even if such processing is relevant to the purposes for which the data was collected;
      • b) the processing of his or her personal details for purposes of marketing, direct sales, market research or other commercial purposes.
  • DATA TREATMENT HOLDER is  Mr.  FELICE FONTI , Italian Fiscal code: FNTFLC69R02Z700B, Tel +39 0909814242.
    To exercise your rights to the art. 7 of the privacy act, above listed, please send your written application to: Mr  FELICE FONTI C/- HOLIDAY HOUSING, VIA PROF. E.CARNEVALE, 41 – 98055 LIPARI  ME (ITALY), Tel +39 0909814242,  Fax +39 0909813398  E-mail: